Environmental Intrusion

Group exhibition, Man-Made Landscapes, sheds light on the exploitation of nature by humankind through a series of poignant images by Edward Burtynsky, Mishka Henner and Yvon Lambert. These eerily beautiful photographs reflect on the ways in which industry, war and contemporary living have shaped the planet that we inhabit. Burtynsky takes to the skies to observe Iceland’s erosion barrier; Henner uses Google and online imagery to source the truths behind oil and beef corporations; and Lambert focuses on ground-level visuals of the remnants of Luxembourg’s steel industry.

Man-Made Landscapes, Edward Burtynsky, Mishka Henner & Yvon Lambert, 13 September – 21 October, Galerie Clairefontaine, 7 place de la Clairefontaine, 1341 Luxembourg.


1. Edward Burtynsky, Markarfljót River #3, Erosion Control, Iceland 2012.