Enhancing Reality

Enhancing Reality

After delving into commercial photography, consulting large advertising projects, Matthew Dempsey looked towards creating original work which draws a line between artifice and fine art – holding an affinity to constructed light and arranged compositions.

Dempsey’s process involves heavily post-produced methods, enabling the artist to create new and unimagined scenes, not necessarily what is captured by the lens alone. The solitude of the images are to be viewed without the presence of humanity, looking into landscapes as voids as opposed to interactive environments.

He notes: “As a culture we are constantly overstimulated and distracted by being wired into the fast-paced world in which we live. There is great calm and peace in finding a quiet, empty space free of distraction. That stillness makes us more mindful of our surroundings and ourselves.”

IG: @matthew__dempsey

1. All images courtesy of the artist.