Past Life Martyred Saints
Souterrain Transmissions

After relocating from South Dakota to Los Angeles at a young age and with a background in noise bands, namely Amps for Christ and the cult duo Gowns, it comes as no surprise that EMA, formerly known as Erika M Anderson’s, debut solo record takes in a wide range of influences. There are noticeable influences from the likes of Chan Marshall and Natasha Khan to Neil Young and My Bloody Valentine, but that doesn’t bring listeners any closer to understanding what this record is actually about.

Opening with Grey Ship, an apparent nod to the Viking funeral ships of Norway, this record takes the listener on an unexpected journey from Coda, a cute and playful homage to Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches) to the distortion and feedback of Butterfly Knife. Past Life Martyred Saints switches from lo-fi to hi-fi, and from harmonies to dissonance, which can sometimes be disorientating, but Anderson’s skill for visceral songwriting and her DIY recoding ethos means this album’s essentially raw quality wins out. www.cameouttanowhere.com

Bethany Rex