Elevated Palettes

Gianfilipo di Rossi is an Italian photographer who is now based in Los Angeles. Moving to California encouraged a love for the ever-evolving street, and its place within the wider urban landscape. Finding precision and inspiration in the composition of the city’s architecture, De Rossi’s works are an exertion of form, finding harmony between colour and line.

The artist uses photography as a means through which to make sense of the city and its constant chaotic bustle. The complex and often repetitive geometric shapes provide a blur of sensory information which is highlighted, finding a sense of balance amongst the elements.

With Instagram a way to gage audiences’ responses to colour, di Rossi revels in bright RGB palettes, road signs, trees or even human beings are elevated from the frame through a challengingly and beautifully bright aesthetic.

IG: @gianphoto

1. All images courtesy of Gianfilipo di Rossi.