Electric Instinct

Yossi Michaeli’s (b. 1976) captivating visuals tell stories. Staged in a multitude of locations, perfectly poised subjects – reclining in a garden, dining out or strolling through the city – become part of a cinematic narrative. Michaeli’s rich colours and vibrant tones produce luxurious photographs, turning ordinary streets into glittering catwalks. Adorned with lush patterns, textured materials and bold make-up, his muses stand out against the harsh structures of modernity and the subtle beauty of nature. His intuitive understanding of fashion has created an impressive body of work with a large number of influential clients from varied companies, including H&M, Amazon, Nokia, Zappos Couture, and his images have been published in magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Dazed & Confused. The art world has also been drawn to Michaeli’s exquisite use of light and shapes, with examples of his style being exhibited at MAM, Rio de Janeiro, MuBE, São Paulo and Viaux Gallery, Berlin. The following photographs are an excerpt from his diverse portfoilo. www.yossimichaeli.com.