Dynamic Construction

Dynamic Construction

Perspective Office is a new mixed-use and sustainable building conceived and designed by Slash Architects. Founded by Şule Ertürk Gaucher and İpek Baycan in 2013 under the name of Glaister Gaucher Architects, Slash Architects, as it is now known, is an award-winning firm that works with a holistic approach to the medium, which encompasses urban design, architecture, interiors and construction.

Re-designing an existing shell of an earlier structure but re-writing the planning and the façade to introduce a lively green environment for the office workers and general public, the Perspective Office is located in Mersin, a large city and port on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. The construction’s surrounding area is home to hospitals and universities and will welcome the workers, patients and students from both to enjoy the building’s garden and shops.

The building consists of four storeys and combines both shopping and office spaces, which have been separated out into two sections that serve these different needs. The shops are located on the ground floor and are available for public use for both civilians and the residents of the offices. Operating as inverse duplexes, this retail section of the structure has access to the garden, giving the feeling that the inside and the outside have a sense of co-existence and co-habitation. The front of the building faces the main road and includes restaurants and cafes, whilst the back garden allows users to experience a more serene environment.

The office structure has a segregated entrance on the back façade and is cladded with wooden sun-blinds to provide shade and keep the interior cool against the hot weather conditions of the area. These also function as enclosures for the balconies, which incorporate vertical gardens and greenery that provide the office spaces with a natural sense of insulation and act as separating screens from the hustle and bustle of the city outside.

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