Dreamlike Horizons

Dreamlike Horizons

Judith Sayrach is a graphic designer and photographer from Barcelona. Finding inspiration when out alone in nature, she creates hazy images of solitary spaces: seascapes, lone trees, sunsets and open skies.

Each scene has a dreamlike quality, with a clear focus on colour and light. Landscapes unfold in pastel pinks and blues, whilst soft clouds and crescent moons hang in mid-air. Birds can be seen teetering on wires, delicate blossoms are in full bloom and deserts stretch for miles and miles.

Sayrach started out with analogue photography, and cites graphic design studies amongst her influences. “I learned to look at things in more detail and to observe what surrounded me in a different way.” Today, she often shoots with an iPhone 11 Pro, showing what can be achieved with smartphones.

The compositions are minimal and calming, offering a rare moment of tranquility in a busy world. Sayrach creates a space where summer is always just around the corner; a place to put everything down and reflect.

IG: @in_somnia_

All images courtesy Judith Sayrach.