Doug & Mike Starn: The No Mind Not Thinks No Things, London

Doug and Mike Starn appear in their first UK solo show at HackelBury Fine Art, London, this week. The identical twin brothers work collaboratively and defy categorisation with their broad reaching practice that includes photography, sculpture, architecture and performance. For their 15th anniversary celebrations, the gallery has commissioned 15 sets of unique new works from Doug & Mike Starn: the no mind not thinks no things.

The pieces included in the exhibition are taken from the Structure of Thought series created by the brothers since 2001 and capture and transform the energy and experience of Big Bambú, monumental architectural installations formed of a network of bamboo poles and rock climbing rope. The unique presentation is made up of 15 individual multiple-piece sets. The works are translucent and consist of a combination of different images. Between the collaged images connections are lost, the lines of one branch do not continue across an unbroken image. The pieces require concentration and the eye is drawn from one photo to the next up until it is physically stopped by the edge of the sheet of paper. As such, the visitor is invited to participate and the works are envisioned as a chaotic puzzle that can be viewed in a variety of sequences.

The exhibition at HackelBury Fine Art will include several of these unique puzzles, several larger scale unique pieces, and selected works from the Structure of Thought series.

Doug & Mike Starn: The No Mind Not Thinks No Things, HackelBury Fine Art, 7 November – 11 January, 4 Launceston Place, London W8 5RL.

1. Doug Mike Starn, the no mind not thinks no things 2012-2013, Doug Mike Starn Artists Rights Society.