Diversity – Malaysia Art, La Galleria, Pall Mall, London

Diversity – Malaysia Art reflects the nature of Malaysia and its people. Curated by Tony Godfrey and featuring 10 contemporary artists, the exhibition opens at La Galleria, Pall Mall, London, on 23 November. Running until 5 December, the showcase brings together some of the outstanding art coming out of the region in 2014.

Due to the history of the location, Malaysia is a beautifully diverse country; bringing together varied nationalities, languages, cultures, lifestyles, economies and ambitions. These diverse influences are expressed by the artists in the work they create. Godfrey carefully selected practitioners who were able to blend the many elements of Malaysia with stunning contemporary art. The individuals demonstrate high technical skills, imagination and perseverance to make pieces that are challenging, compelling and aesthetically captivating.

The artists included range from internationally known Yee I-Lann, who works in photography, to the more localised Abdul Ghani who channels his surroundings into paintings. The presentation will also include pieces from Ahmad Zakii, Jalaini Hassan, Ahmad Shukri, Kow Leong Kiang, Chong Ai Lei, Juhari Said, Umibaizurah and Heng Mok Zung.

Curator, Tony Godfrey, is an expert in South East Asian art. Residing in Singapore, Godfrey has worked in the field for over 20 years. His direct communication with artists in the region gives him a more holistic understanding of the finer details involved in Malaysian art.

To find out more visit www.facebook.com/artslondonkl2014.