Digital Phenomena

Reine Paradis (b. 1989) grew up in rural southern France, where the beauty of nature inspired a vibrant imagination. After moving to Los Angeles in 2012, the photographer was struck by the change of landscape – her sudden integration into a sprawling metropolis rich with futuristic ideals, movement and possibility. This shift became an influence for the artist’s first series, Jungle. Designed to reflect the notion of discovery, each vignette provides a bright, digitalised arena for uncanny figures, each of them is an active participant in a number of settings: mountain glaciers, abandoned swimming pools and tennis courts. A stunning example of auto-portraiture and vivid post-production, the compositions are filled with sensory stimulation – calling upon stark whites and primary blues to emulate the over-compression of information circulated within the 21st century Anthropocene. Jungle is on display at Catherine et André Hug, Paris, 8 June – 15 July.