Designs for Small Spaces

Jennifer Hudson
Laurence King

Small space living is no longer a lifestyle choice, but a necessity in most cosmopolitan cities around the world. The modernist concentration on the design of an abstract yet integrated space has been replaced by the post-modern reaction, which pays closer attention to small scale design and its meaning. This shift reflects a broad range of transformations in our consumption and lifestyle requirements.

Designs for Small Spaces reflects this change in demand and provides both a fun and inspirational guide to contemporary urban living. The unassuming elegance and creativity found in these cleverly-designed products attests to their originality; over 500 stunning works have been produced, many notable for their innovations in lighting, storage, space allotment and material selection.

What’s truly impressive, is the way that objects such as Paul Hernon’s Vertical Bathroom Vertebrae go beyond the visual experience of the product and suggest a three-dimensional experience. The designs in this collection allow us to enter the space they create, rather than just seeing it. You’ll never set foot in Ikea again.

Bethany Rex