Defining Post-Internet Art

Since the introduction of the computer, many new styles have evolved, and the creative industries have seen an increase in digital artwork and image manipulation. Digital art dates back to the 1970s, with cyberspace playing an important role in the existence of this revolutionary movement. The presence of the internet has increased the number of artists working in digital “NetArt” formats – challenging existing concepts of traditions and changing the way people look at physical form.

To celebrate the developing world of digitalisation, Kunsthal Rotterdam represent an impressive range of over 30 pieces from the Brown Family Collection. HUMAN / DIGITAL: A Symbiotic Love Affair displays a selection of work from contemporary practitioners who take inspiration from the internet innovative technologies, evidencing the ever-growing impact that the digital world has on creative expression. Visitors can expect to see a diverse collection of pieces, including photography, installations, and video as the Brown family’s collection is collated for the first time, in one single show that showcases 25 separate visions.

Highlights include an installation by Dutch artist Constant Dullaart, created as a tribute to the first ever Photoshop edited photograph and the work of American artist Tabor Robak, whose celebrates video games and computer-generated images. Also featuring are the works of Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal, who is renowned for his unique website creations, regarding the internet as his canvas, and attracting a large audience of over 60 million online viewers.

Kunsthal is also showing an interactive installation of Shezad Dawood’s Kalimpong (2016) inviting visitors to share an impressive virtual experience into a surreal world of digital art. As well as being a major digital art attraction that celebrates the post-internet era, the event is also a place for collectors to come together and discover the future of the field.

HUMAN / DIGITAL: A Symbiotic Love Affair, Kunsthal Rotterdam, opens 9 February. For more information, visit 

1. Towards the Possible Film. Shezad Dawood. Single Channel Video , 19 minutes, 29 seconds, 2014. 1; 2; 3.