Cylindrical Phenomena

Perception, movement and the relationship between the viewer and their surroundings are central themes within Olafur Eliasson’s (b. 1967) practice. The Danish-Icelandic artist often uses raw materials, such as light, air and water to generate monumental site-specific environments. Underpinned with an advanced architectural knowledge, Eliasson creates multi-faceted compositions across a range of mediums to explore the profound layers of phenomenological experiences. A large-scale installation at Lune Rouge, Ibiza, draws inspiration from the mesmerising motions and shapes of schooling fish, a phenomenon which simultaneously seems both static and fluid.

Continuing a recurrent interest in geometry, the sculpture Spherical space comprises of a complex stainless steel framework, a circular, globe-like structure featuring intersecting lines and forms. Two of these metal builds are arranged one inside the other, connected by countless triangles of aluminium and hand-blown yellow glass. At the core, a single bulb projects an intricate pattern of shadows into the gallery, produced by the intertwined materials. Mimicking the movement of a shoal of fish, the composition gives the appearance of a constant flurry of motion. Even slight activity alters the perceived alignment of the whirlwind of shapes, creating an illusion of infinite flux and change.

A interest in the fundamental questions of how the body sees and experiences space is at the centre of Eliasson’s installation. Spherical space offers an opportunity for engagement with forces that dictate the world. The interlaced structures go beyond geometry, the shapes and lines also have a strong relationship to nature, drawing upon root systems, cellular and crystal forms. From the inauguration of two public exhibition rooms in 2015, Lune Rouge continues the philanthropic mission of Art Projects Ibiza to promote culture throughout the island, contributing to an innovative programme showcasing both established and emerging artists.

Spherical space, Lune Rouge, Ibiza, until 29 April.

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1. Olafur Eliasson, Spherical space, 2014. Installation view: Lune Rouge, Spain. Photo: Eduardo Rendon