Contemporary Art: World Currents

Terry Smith
Laurence King

In this comprehensive guide, Terry Smith lays the groundwork for a new comparative approach to contemporary art, emphasising its relationships to all aspects of life.

For many, the term “contemporary art” has lost its meaning. How does contemporary art differentiate itself from modern art, and when did the shift take place? If we take a step back and think about what has been happening in the art world since the 1980s, we are confronted with a scene of teeming multiplicity, proliferating differences and new technologies.

Being honest with ourselves, it can be overwhelming, and Contemporary Art: World Currents offers a welcome assessment of key works by both well-known and little-known artists, showing how contemporary art achieved definitive force in the markets and museums to become a global phenomenon. Addressing 21st century complexities – the fragile planet, globalisation, dislocation, communicative media and world terror – this book has real critical weight and is well worth your attention.

Bethany Rex