Constructing the Experimental

RIBA furthers its conversation on how architecture can influence visual arts, music, TV, film and theatre with The Architects Underground, a weekly series that acts as a springboard for new ideas and experimental thought. Taking place at the epicentre of UK architecture, 66 Portland Place, The Architects Underground launches on 11 September. Events will explore how sustainable African architecture can provide a conceptual structure for new, cohabitation spaces, whilst later, they will welcome the recent Barbican exhibitor Anna Liu, who asks how artists can call on nature as their mentor and muse. The Oscar-winning VFX artist Paul Franklin, who built the surrealist landscapes for Christopher Nolan’s Inception, will discuss how visual effects can become an art form.

The Architects Underground was initiated by Rob Dickins CBE, who says: “In an age where people live their lives digitally, I wanted to create a social meeting place, where like-minded people with a love for the arts can enjoy a great night out with entertaining and thought-provoking programming.” 

The Architects Underground begins on 11 September at 66 Portland Street, London. Find out more here