Complex Narratives

Photographs, by nature, relay information for the viewer, but what happens to the truth in the process? How important is it that we maintain a sense of reality, or should we try to further remove ourselves from it? If the pursuit is documentary focused, how can the photographer ensure an accurate representation of the subject? Moreover, can we ever create images devoid of an agenda or specific intention? And when is it our story to tell? As part of Aesthetica’s ongoing collaboration with London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, we select 10 talented photographers who work with these challenging questions. This compelling selection of images focuses on aspects of privacy and intimacy, holding the viewer’s gaze through moments of intervention and interruption. We are invited into deeply personal spaces, and asked to consider the implication of our presence, whether we’re up close or far away.

Image Credits:
1. Giulia Grillo, Take Me Back (2020).
2. Lauren Hillsdon, Dalkeith (2021).
3. Lauren Hillsdon, Dalkeith (2021).
4. Carmen Reichman, Box Trees and Folk Devils (2021).
5. Sirui Ma,Sunset (2019).
6. Minjie LV, Routine (Still, 2020).
7. Laura Gaggero, Isadora (2020).
8. Siqi Li, Bird Walking (2020).
9. Sophie Holden, Eventide (2021).