Collective Action

Collective Action
 WaterAid’s participatory photo project in Tombohuaun, Sierra Leone, documents the everyday experience in the region, chronicling the effects of war and the Ebola crisis. The series highlights the ways in which the organisation are helping to provide clean water and facilities to the community through the eyes of people aged 8-75. Featured image: Tailu Yajah.
 “Tree climbing is very difficult. I am just doing it for necessity sake. I don’t want to do this job really, but at the moment I have no other means of making money, so I have no choice but to do this to manage my family. In this community we have unity, we work together. We have a palm plantation for the town, so we come together to cultivate and process it, and we store to sell it whenever there is an issue. We are all brothers here. We work together; we are all like brothers and friends here. ”  – Tailu Yajah.
The Untapped appeal ends today. Every £1 donated by the public will be matched by the UK Government. Find out more here.
1.  Image courtesy WaterAid/ Tailu Yajah.