Cityscapes, Flowers Gallery, New York

Cityscapes at Flowers Gallery, New York, collates modern artists who respond to elements of urban life in their various practices. Included in this exhibition will be, David Hepher, Peter Howson, Patrick Hughes, Lucy Jones, Nadav Kander, John Keane, Jiro Osuga, Tai-Shan Schierenberg and Renny Tait. Each of those involved respond to the city in a unique way, presenting a show that examines the urban landscape and the inhabitants within it.

David Hepher uses real building materials, concrete for example, in his paintings and Patrick Hughes and Lucy Jones question our perception of reality. They both approach this task through altering the straight forward presentation of the city: Hughes with his three-dimensional relief paintings and Jones with her impressionistic interpretations of the cityscape. Meanwhile, Peter Howson, Nadav Kander and John Keane introduce social commentary to the discussion, reflecting on the presence of war and violence, along with the rapid development of cities. Mona Kuhn photographs an exposed Venice and Renny Tait and Tai-Shan use painting to explore the light, texture and geometry of spaces.

Cityscapes, 11 April until 11 May, Flowers Gallery, 529 West Street 20th Street, New York, 10011 NY, USA.

1. David Hepher, Winterreise 2009 – 2010, oil, acrylic, inkjet and concrete on canvas, courtesy the artist and Flowers Gallery.