Cinematic Influence

Cinematic Influence

Dana Yurcisin’s work operates at the intersection of the mundane and the surreal. After graduating from film school in 2011, he has worked on production in an array of fields from academia to political satire, before branching out into still photography at the end of 2018. 

Yurcisin shoots rapidly with a fixed-lens Fuji, then edits slowly in Lightroom and Photoshop, often incorporating elements inspired by both cinema and graphic novels to push his images in subtly strange directions. 

Using the beach towns of the East coast as his backdrop, he explores themes of loneliness and solitude through domestic settings. Each of the scenes is almost always devoid of any human presence beyond the implied parameters of the home – neighbourhoods lost within their own connotations.

Yurcisin notes: “I’ve had many people tell me that after looking at my work they started taking notice of something as simple as the houses in their neighbourhood. That to me is really rewarding, influencing others to see the things they used to take for granted in an entirely new light.”

Credits: All images courtesy of Dana Yurcisin.