Chronicling History

Chronicling History

Intriguing, highly detailed images by French photographer Thomas Jorion (b. 1976) reinvigorate abandoned spaces and forgotten architecture. A new series, entitled Vestiges d’empire, documents buildings in the former French colonies, shedding light on their poignant, deeply human histories.

Jorion explains: “Visible signs of  exchanges and of the French overseas presence were left behind.  My taste for adventure, traces of time and memory-related venues initiated the project. However, with time I understood that these ruins could not be considered like any other ruin.”

The artist continues: “I could not merely show them beautiful or aesthetic, as they are loaded with the burden of history which weighs so heavily on the present. I wanted to capture them on my negatives so that their stories may live on.”

The artist was featured in Aesthetica Issue 59. Find out more about Jorion’s work here. 

1. Bedroom for single warder Saint-Joseph Penal Colony Guyana 1897.
2. Court of First Instance Chandannagar India 1760.
3. Bokor Palace Hotel province of Kampot Cambodia 1925.