5 to See: Gallery Reopenings

This May, museums across England are opening their doors for the first time in months. Discover our 5 selected exhibitions to attend this season.

Reflection and Revolution

Ori Gersht discusses how art history, science and technology collide. The artist has reimagined a classical still life painting for the digital age.

Art and Empowerment

“What better way to collectively engage in empathy than to share the images we take?” Nabad supports artists in Southwestern Asia and North Africa.

Reframing Surrealism

A new exhibition at London’s Whitechapel Gallery explores the vital contribution made by women artists and photographers to surrealism in Britain.

Matriarchal Utopia

“In the bodies of other women I find a union.” Carlota Guerrero’s photobook proposes a new kind of spirituality: a celebration of sisterhood.

An Experimental Spirit

Dadaism, Surrealism and Pop Art are tied together by questioning the status quo. What does this look like today? Online gallery Avanguardian shows us.

Responsive Image Making

Assembly is a fresh online art and photography platform engaging with some of the most important social and cultural issues of our time.

Monochrome Visionaries

Efrem Zelony-Mindell discusses the allure and ever shifting status of black-and-white image making, upon the release of a new photobook.

Towards Preservation

After half of Claudia Andujar’s family were killed in WWII, she dedicated five decades to raising awareness of the Yanomami people in Brazil.

New Queer Photography

“It would be possible to continue this journey forever.” Benjamin Wolbergs presents a multidimensional portrait of LGBTQIA+ culture.

10 Questions with Héloise Winstone

Find out more about our key speakers ahead of this year’s Future Now symposium. Héloise Winstone tells us about her role and favourite art.

More to the Picture

Portraits reveal truths about the human condition – how we present ourselves to the world. Dawoud Bey explores dialogues between sitter and subject.

5 Spring Photography Shows

Fotografiska New York launches a bold spring season, introducing a variety of contemporary and 20th century approaches to image-making.

The Story of Aesthetica:
Celebrating 100 Issues

Aesthetica Magazine commemorates the milestone of 100 issues with a dedicated day of innovative masterclasses at Future Now 2021.

Living River

Dan Wood’s new photobook is a captivating, hyperreal portrait of a community and landscape in the throes of recovery from deindustrialisation.

Democratising the Market

State of the Art Marketplace aims to encourages creativity by building a thriving, inclusive arts space online. The founder speaks to Aesthetica.

Spanning the Climate Crisis

The ocean is vast, covering 72 per cent of the Earth’s surface. Kadir van Lohuizen’s photographs examine the consequences of rising sea levels.

10 Questions with Eva Vonk

Ahead of this year’s event, we ask ‘Tales of Us’ Co-founder Eva Vonk 10 questions about the pandemic’s impact on her creative outlook.

Refracted Bodies

“I wanted to be in a place where art and life come together.” Mona Kuhn speaks about reinventing the nude, tapping into the role of nature in work.

10 Questions with Touria El Glaoui

Ahead of this year’s Future Now Symposium, 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair’s Director Touria El Glaoui reflects on her role.