Pathetic Fallacy

Felipe OA’s images communicate feelings of isolation and loneliness in the landscape, heavily inspired by literary and cinematic aesthetics.

Visualising the Anthropocene

In this interview, photographer Edward Burtynsky investigates humanity’s indelible, irrevocable and deeply complex influence on the Earth.

Art Exhibitions to See:
This Month

Aesthetica selects five must-see exhibitions around the world – opening online and in galleries. They reflect on identity, migration and place.

Aesthetica Archives:
Architectural Photography

These bright, geometric images encourage us to look at cities in a new way – from Michael Wolf’s metropolis to icons of 20th century modernism.

5 to See: Art Outdoors

Public art has perhaps never been more important, offering audiences chance to experience culture whilst social distancing. Discover 5 to See.

Portrait of Britain

The winners of the annual photography award have been announced. They arrive in turbulent times, capturing individuals shaping our world today.

Human Contact

“For over a year I stopped traveling and photographing. I barely took any pictures at all.” Alec Soth’s latest portraits are honest and revealing.

Launching A New Space

Smith & Partner is dedicated to both Old Masters and emerging artists, driven by the idea that collecting art should be accessible to anyone.

Aesthetica Archives: Nocturnal Photography

Discover visual artists capturing the world at night. From neon-bathed cities to remote woodlands, these images are filled with mystery.

Portrait of Society

David Goldblatt’s powerful and intimate photographs of people in Johannesburg span 1948 – 2018, drawing attention to injustice.

Arts in Lockdown

Many arts institutions across the UK have been threatened due to the pandemic. Joanna Vestey has photographed London’s empty theatres.

Climate Awareness

Oceans are rising across the globe, causing destructive flooding. Rosie Bond’s publication combines art and science to raise awareness.

A Photographic Discovery

An extraordinary archive of over 8,000 photographs was found in an attic. It provides a joyous view of life and travel in the 20th century.

Decisions at the Crossroads

The act of walking has taken on new significance in recent months. Oli Kellett’s photographs are taken at crossroads in cities across America.

Tuning Into Nature

Chip Skingley is a Photography BA graduate from UWE Bristol. The images explore the power of walking and reconnecting with the environment.

10 Quotes: Contemporary Photographers

Discover visual and textual inspiration from today’s leading image-makers. These photographers offer meaningful insights into their craft.

View from Above

David O’Meara’s photo composites walk a fine line between forms, evoking a familiar sense of longing
whilst hovering above pedestrian crossings.

Mutual Realities

The difference between being “seen” and being “watched” is important to Rineke Dijkstra’s work, which explores human development over time.

Poetic Meditation

Isaac Julien offers a poetic meditation on the life of Frederick Douglass – a visionary African American writer, abolitionist and a freed slave.

Soul of a Nation

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is the final venue to present ‘Art in the Age of Black Power.’ Curator Kanitra Fletcher speaks to Aesthetica.