Retouched Realities

Amelie Satzger’s retouched photographs reveal an arranged visual world filled with autobiographical motifs, mirrors, balanced fruit and cube rooms.

Aesthetica Archives: Alex Prager

Alex Prager became a photographer overnight. Her cinematic practice evolved after she came face to face with an image by William Eggleston.

National Portrait Gallery: Art Online

National Portrait Gallery, London, holds the most extensive collection of portraits in the world. Aesthetica picks highlights to explore from home.

Visual Writing Prompts

Aesthetica selects five images to inspire your poetry and short fiction. They are ideal writing prompts – dreamlike shores and neon streets.

5 Artists: Aesthetica Art Prize 2020

Be inspired by five talents from the 2020 Aesthetica Art Prize – a prestigious international award celebrating innovation and creativity.

Rebirth and Renewal

‘Will There Be Hope on Doomsday’ is a short series which challenges our conception of apocalypse and imagines utopias in a new, minimalist arena.

Modes of Confrontation

Young, Gifted and Black considers themes of race, class and politics, as well as the importance of human dignity.

A Pastel Dystopia

Karen Khachaturov’s images are firmly lodged in a disjointed fairytale. Each photograph is like a hard-boiled sweet with a salty centre.

The Essence of Being

Anna Walker Skillman, Owner, Jackson Fine Art, discusses a 30-year history of showing the most distinguished female voices in photography. 

Aesthetica Archives: Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey’s enchanting photography reflects upon familiar themes of home, family, nature and time, uncovering cinematic moments.

Into Cinema

‘Our Strange New Land: Photographs by Alex Harris’ is the latest chapter in High Museum’s ‘Picturing the South’ project.

Paris Photo: New Platforms

Paris Photo launches an online viewing room for its inaugural New York edition. Tyler Mitchell is one of the featured photographers.

Works in Colour

Vivian Maier’s photographs came to light after her death. Claartje van Dijk, Head of Exhibitions at Foam, discusses their planned show for 2020.

Scale of Perception

Photographer Charlie Goodge and Art Director Jessica Jung have paired up for an abstract series that parallels architecture and ceramics.

MoMA: Art Online

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, has the largest digital audience of any museum.
Aesthetica delves into its online programme.

Collecting the World

Sony World Photography Awards celebrates images with a powerful visual narrative. This year’s Open Competition winners are announced.

Intuitive Associations

‘Venus & Mercury’ is the latest series from Viviane Sassen. Whilst the show is closed, Huis Marseille’s Director, discusses the legacy of Sassen.

Aesthetica Archives: JUCO

Creative duo Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud formed JUCO after meeting at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002. Aesthetica surveys their work.

Towards Preservation

After half of Claudia Andujar’s family were killed in WWII, she dedicated five decades to raising awareness of the Yanomami people in Brazil.

Expansive Arenas

Growing up on the east coast of South Africa, Travys Owen is invested in his surroundings, translating bright blue skies into the still image.