Facets of Reality

Victor Micoud’s La Cité Idéale focuses on the surroundings of Disneyland Paris, capturing the essence of this surreal neighbourhood.

Cinematic Storytelling

Translating personal experiences into hyperreal images, the renowned photographer Alex Prager is celebrated through a mid-career survey.

Singular Perspective

Using repeated patterns including colour, material and texture, Jon Setter organises details of landscapes as an abstracted expression of space.

Balanced Composition

Carolina Mizrahi is an art director, photographer and set designer whose cross-disciplinary practice traverses a line between fine art and commerce.

Into the Wilderness

Melancholy and, at times, tied to a Romantic sensibility, Isabella Ståhl’s images communicate the desire to return to the notion of home.

Shifting the Focus

A vision of the future, Evelyn Bencicova’s series Artificial Tears assesses what it means to exist within today’s increasingly factitious world.

Uncanny Performance

Michelle Cho & June Kim’s collaborative series look into the ideas of relativity in the everyday, inspired by vivid and structurally expansive architecture.

Elusive Sensibility

Ole Marius Joergensen creates narratives around the themes of identity, using empty topographies as spectres of unidentifiable emotions.

Reactive Architecture

Accessibility, sustainability and humanity take centre stage at Venice Biennale, pushing the literal and figurative boundaries of space.

Immersive Technology

Interactive garments transform our relationship with fashion and the environment as sustainability is linked with the individual experience.

Conscious Environments

Elena Mora offers an intriguing perspective on how set design can create an interdisciplinary stage for idea creation and collective aspiration.