Graphic Composition

JUCO return to Aesthetica with characteristically bold images that demonstrate excellence in art direction and photography.

Intimate Atmosphere

A catalogue of the sublime everyday, Tekla Evelina Severin’s collection focuses on intimate, stylised instances and communicates a sense of joy.

Everyday Symbolism

Focusing on tropical motifs and idealistic landscapes, Adrienne Raquel’s works are playful and vibrant, communicating a sense of nostalgia.

Luminous Environment

Deeply mystical and ritualistic, Alexis Pichot’s series Marche Céleste establishes the supremacy of nature as a powerful, universal and innate force.

Towards Sustainability

A Berlin-based studio brings bioplastic into the fashion industry by experimenting with plant-based processes to address the issue of waste.

Structural Frameworks

Salvador Cueva’s images have been acclaimed for their representations of time and memory in the urbanised, almost ornamental metropolis.

Unified Methodology

Looking at the idea of social community as a model for idea generation,  a team of Norwegian designers address global concerns through production.

Material Complexity

Profiling the announcement of the annual awards through a celebration of structural excellence that pushes beyond aesthetics and functionality.

Haunting Landscapes

Shot largely on the same set of beaches in Portugal over two years, The Accidental Theorist depicts a series of instances that are devoid of explanation.

Creating Connections

Circulation(s) returns for 2018, showcasing the imaginations of emerging photographers that touch upon wider social and political issues.

Delicate Portraiture

Working primarily in staged self-portraiture, Maher is widely known for obscuring the faces of her subjects, using symbol and colour to convey emotion and narrative.