Inevitable Movement

Anna Nilsson’s dynamic show flirts with the transience of life and the march of time via an innovative combination of theatre and circus arts.

Crafting Universality

Californian Amy Harrity’s subjects are rendered universal by their relative anonymity, frozen in the most human of moments and postures.

Uncanny Assemblage

Suzanne Moxhay’s work developed out of an interest in the constructed domain of film, where the natural and the artificial merge to immerse the viewer.

Dismantling Documentary

An exhibition of women photographers from Iran and the Arab world offers insight into the complex identities of a region that is often misunderstood.

Custom Evolution

Can fashion create a better future? A new show surveys the inspiring possibilities that emerge when creativity and technology join forces.

Luminous Construction

Lighting transforms the spaces we inhabit, and as technology makes our homes ever more responsive, a new book takes stock of the possibilities.

Abstract Metropolis

Pioneer of street photography Saul Leiter captured city life in mid-20th century New York City with an inimitable sense of composition, humour and grace.

Covert Presence

Michigan-born Eric Ogden draws inspiration from the landscape and inhabitants of his native Midwest, looking for unexpected angles on the familiar.

Rhythmic Articulation

Roger Frei operates at the confluence of the public and private realm, capturing the functionalism of vivid, mass-manufactured structures.

Future Museums

Charting an evolution in form and function from traditional architecture to buildings that are radically transforming today’s built environment.

Fluid Gestures

Themes of freedom proliferate in Olivia Malone’s projects exploring the transition from the awkwardness of youth to self-assured adulthood.

Modern Elegance

Julia Hetta’s imagery provides a glimpse into an alternative world, rich with the romance and quietude associated with classical painting.