Prince sitting in on the Plastic Ono Band

With a creative lineage traceable to 18th century writer, Jonathan Swift, Richard Swift has clearly inherited the artistic gene, writing inventive, insightful music.

Frustrated love, fascism & genius

The complexities of Salvador Dali’s genius and his friendships with Federico García Lorca and Luis Buñuel, in an intriguing feature-length from Paul Morrison.

Photography’s Narrative on the American West

The American West is symbolic, from cowboys to canyons. Into the Sunset explores photography’s ephemeral qualities from the 1850s to the present.

Hybrid Art

Boo Ritson’s painted people examine the cultural stereotypes of the collective imagination, and effortlessly fuse sculpture and painting into a new form.

An Absurdist View on Being Human

Chris Gollon has been probing the human condition from an absurdist point of view for the greater part of two decades. His work promises to evoke this age-old topic.

Emancipated Spaces: Art in the Global Age

Transmission Interrupted at Modern Art Oxford, encourages a considered attitude to both the physical and sociological influences of the 21st century milieu.