Eliana Lale

Having previously studied dance, Eliana Lale’s photography is inspired by the idea of movement and colour to create elegant images.

Marita Upeniece

Marita Upeniece works across a wide range of genres to express herself and new ideas, including food and still life, portraiture and landscapes.

Yaquing Tang

Yaquing Tang is a designer and commercial photographer. The series shown here is titled Food is Doing Surreal things in the Desert.

Qiwen Wu

Qiwen Wu holds a Graduate Diploma Photography from University of the Arts: London College of Communication.

Bapi Chakraborty

Bapi Chakraborty is a fine art photographer. His extensive travels allow him to capture the world and nature in essential rhythmic forms.

Lili Gyarmati

Lili Gyarmati believes our stories are the strongest links that connect us and aims to share these unique and personal histories through her visual work.

Maggie Viegener

Maggie Viegener is an Argentinian photographer. Her series Giving a Face to the Faceless documents the Covid-19 pandemic in Buenos Aires.

Ana Blumenkron

Ana Blumenkron is a Mexican photographer who has worked with publications such as Condé Nast, Expansión, and MasporMas.

Alina Saranti 

Alina Saranti’s photographic work explores themes of loss, motherhood, domesticity, nature, the darkness and the light in the everyday.

Nadine Persaud

Nadine Persaud’s series Catholic School Girl visually captures religious symbols, referencing paragraphs from the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Joe Twigg 

Joe Twigg’s series Wildlife was made across several long unguided walks, documenting suburban London in the early months of 2020.

Sam Hart

Sam Hart is a recent MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography graduate from London College of Communication.

Eugenia Falqui 

Eugenia Falqui is a photographer living in Bangkok. Her series Bangkok Dreaming explores the colour and vibrancy of the city.

Jieying Shao 

Jieying Shao is a photographer originally from China. The series Blowing in the Wind explores themes of loss and reflection.

Bryan O’Brien

Bryan O’Brien is a multi-award winning Irish photographer and videojournalist. He has worked with numerous press outfits internationally.

Ismael dos Anjos

Ismael dos Anjos’ work exposes and explores human rights issues in his home country of Brazil in an effort to champion social justice.

Nick Goring

Nick Goring’s particular interest is in our relationship with the past, both individually and collectively, and the impact it has on our identities.

Marcel Top

Alongside his traditional use of photography, Marcel Top also explores the limits and boundaries of the medium through his practice.

Claire Eggers

Claire Eggers’ series Vanishing Point explores themes of depression, anxiety and low self esteem, escalated further by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chelsey Burch

Chelsey Burch works with film photography, highlighting hints of human interaction from the developing and scanning process.