Andrew Simmons

Andrew Simmons’ work is very much autobiographical and is as much a document of his own life as it is his surroundings.

Alex Nightingale-Smith

Alex Nightingale-Smith’s series A Window into Presence uses the Covid-19 crisis as an opportunity to explore the deep states of presence.

Gregor Emmanuel

Gregor Emmanuel is a London-based photographer and cinematographer, specialising in editorial and documentary style works.

Christine Le Roux

Christine Le Roux’s ongoing personal project The Greens explores the ever-changing dynamic of her grandparents 60-year relationship.

Em Dessi-Makin

Em Dessi-Makin delves into mental health, relationships and representation. Sa Pippia is a personal exploration of her heritage.

Qingyu Yàng

Qingyu Yang’s practice often engages with the social conflicts that relate to his life. The series Chinese Muslim reveals a forgotten community.

Shan Jiang

Shan Jiang uses mixed media combined with narrative techniques to enrich visual effects, expressed as complete pages rather than single pictures.

Alessandro Perchiazzi

Alessandro Perchiazzi’s work explores the relationship between individuals and landscapes, focusing on sociopolitical issues.

Antoni Kowalski

Antoni Kowalski is a portrait and environmental photographer. His work circulates around the themes of belonging, identity and nostalgia.

Fatima Khatun

Fatima Khatun is a London based photographer and graduate of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from LCC.