Chelsey Burch

Chelsey Burch works with film photography, highlighting hints of human interaction from the developing and scanning process.

Mary Morgan

Following a career in international public diplomacy, Mary Morgan transitioned into visual arts, using her photography to reflect key issues.

Stefan Schlumpf

Stefan Schlumpf is a Swiss photographer. His work has appeared in international campaigns as well as various magazines worldwide.

Xiyuan Xiao

Xiyuan Xiao is a photographer who based between Shanghai and London. Xiao recently completed her MA Photography, graduating from LCC.

Chao Zhang

Chao Zhang is a recent MA Photography graduate for University of the Arts London: London College of Communication.

Sophie Wöhleke

Sophia Wöhleke works with analogue photography in order to explore ideas of place and identity, playing with the line between reality and fiction.

Yuxuan Xue

Yuxuan Xue was born in Dongying, China, home to the country’s second largest oil field. Xue explores the gradual depletion of this resource.

Maria Makridis

Maria Makridis is a photographer from the Netherlands. Drawn to the vibe and openness of the city of London, she studied her MA at LCC.