Celebrating Print

The Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards has announced the long and shortlist for the 35th edition of the award, championing the photobook in a digital age.

Aesthetica Archives: Digital Renders

How far do we need to be convinced that something is real? Discover three creatives making new illusory worlds and impossible landscapes.

Ren Hang: Capturing Youth

“Photography plays a very important role in my life… like eating, walking or sleeping. There’s no difference.” A new Ren Hang show opens in Italy.

Takeover: Cig Harvey

This weekend, Harvey takes over Aesthetica’s Instagram feed, sharing images which uncover cinematic moments in the everyday.

Investigating Consumption

A new programme at London’s San Mei Gallery aims to raise questions about contemporary food culture – reclaiming “ugly” fruits and vegetables.

Creating Dialogues

Maia Flora creates powerful moving image about community. ‘Turban Talks’ explores questions of race and family from the artist’s front room.

Aesthetica Art Prize: Top Tips

Get inspired to enter the Aesthetica Art Prize. We share five key pieces of advice to inform your submission to the international award.

Alternate Views

John Baloyi has a distinct aesthetic, producing portraits through a surreal Afro-centric lens. He evokes alternative views of black expression.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: 5 Works

Christo and Jeanne-Claude are remembered for wrapping the world’s landmarks in bold fabrics. A new exhibition opens at Paris’ Centre Pompidou.

A Call to Action

A sense of urgency is prevalent in the works of this year’s graduating students at London College of Communication. These are agents of change.

Out of the Everyday

In Dan Commons’ work, red flowers, shuttered windows and urban staircases are taken out of context, asking viewers to consider the narrative.

Prix Pictet: A Virtual Platform

Prix Pictet has launched a virtual platform. Designed by Gabriel Stones using gaming technology, the exhibition is a recreation of the 2019 V&A show.

Illusory Sculpture

Anish Kapoor brings clouds down to earth in a new outdoor exhibition at Houghton Hall. The sculptures explore ideas of presence and absence.

Spontaneous Forms

Control, chance and chaos are all qualities that characterise Bernar Venet’s work. The sculptor crosses lines between art and engineering.

Pioneering Women Artists

“We need connection and community now more than ever,” says Susan Fisher Sterling, Director of National Museum of Women in the Arts.

A Wider Lens

“This is what builds the future.” Magnum Photos’ new nominees are Sabiha Çimen, Hannah Price, Khalik Allah, Colby Deal and Yael Martínez.

Top 10 Virtual Degree Shows

This summer, globally, art schools have had to move their Degree Shows online. Browse 10 universities launching inspiring virtual portals.

Kudi: Structures of Design

Kudi is a London-based artist whose work questions social dynamics in today’s world, asking the viewer to examine their place in the system.

Aesthetica Art Prize:
5 Winners

Meet five of our talented Main and Emerging Aeshetica Art Prize winners. These artists use video to hold up a mirror to the world around us.

Static Encounters

Veronique Boyens’ photography series, At a Distance, embraces a new normal as the globe moved into lockdown and a period of isolation.