Digital Manipulations

Anne Hoerter discusses the development of a practice based upon the intersection between still life painting and technology.

Algorithms of Nature

Nikki Stevens specialises in large-scale watercolours which explore our relationship with nature. Animals roam freely amongst symbols of society.

Infrastructures as Influence

With a deep interest in fashion and costume design, Meiyi Yang explores the relationship between jewellery and clothing as they relate to the human body.

Conceptual Realities

Gabriela Torres Ruiz is a German-Mexican photographer and Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 shortlisted artist. She discusses the notion of place.

Visual Territories

Tomas Harker recontextualises images culled from classical paintings and found photographs. Aesthetica talk to the artist about traditional inspiration.

Experimental Textures

Swiss artist Fabien Bruttin’s work is based on experimental approaches with different paints. We delve into his fascination behind accidental creations.

Personal and Collective Memory

Carmen Selma is a Spain-based painter. Memory is one of the fundamental pillars of her work. We talk to the artist about the influence of historical contexts.

Expressing the Unconscious

Moich Abrahams has been selected for numerous exhibitions including ICA, Hayward Gallery and Whitechapel. We talk to him about his practice.

Spatial Perceptions and Memory

Anna Fafaliou is a London-based conceptual and visual artist fascinated by the relationship between the colour white and memory. We talk to the artist about her practice.

Q+A with Naturalist Photographer Danny Sepkowski

Danny Sepkowski provides exciting images of Hawaii’s ocean and waves. We catch up with him to talk through his processes and inspirations.

Interview with Mixed Media Artist Carolina Amaya

Carolina Amaya is a visual artist from Colombia. She works with mixed media materials such as textiles, photography, oil and acrylic, exploring the subject of dreams, intuition and other ways of life.

Interview: Photographer Kirsten Mumford

European born but raised in South Africa, Kirsten Mumford left her home to forge a life as an expatriate, travelling the globe and applying her unique, nomadic perspective to her photographic practice.

Interview with Fine Art Photographer Viet Ha Tran

Madrid-based Vietnamese fine art photographer Viet Ha Tran captures ephemeral moments of female emotion, and is influenced by Asian culture, classical painting, poetry and philosophy.

The Art of Tobbe Malm

Since 2008 Swedish artist Tobbe Malm has been living and working in Norway and creating his metal sculptures full time.

A Closer Look at the Work of Artist Terence Burton

Australian artist, Terence Burton works exclusively with pencil on paper. His bold and unique style, that he likes to call Abstract, Mythological and Tribal, is heavily influenced by aboriginal traditions.

Abstract Designs Amongst Colours and Forms- The Art of Anna Edholm

Self taught Swedish artist Anna Edholm works with layers of acrylic paint on canvas. With her abstract designs aim to direct the viewer to use their imagination and to find patterns and meanings.

A Closer Look at the Work of Photographer MAKIKO

MAKIKO is an award-winning photographer and author. She recently published a documentary/photography book titled Beautifully Different.

A Closer Look at the Work of Margaretha Gubernale

Oil on canvas painter Margaretha Gubernale creates mystical worlds with the source of her inspiration being nature and philosophy. She has worked for nearly 30 years as an international artist and her work has been exhibited widely.

Insight Into The Work Of Robin Campbell

Robin Campbell is an architect and artist. As architect he has been responsible for the Environment Centre and Tower of the Ecliptic. He established Air Architecture.

Interview With Jessica Zoob

Jessica Zoob is a British contemporary artist who works from her Lewes home and studio. She exhibits regularly in and around London and has works in private collections worldwide.