Carsten Recksik Presents Four Emerging Artists from Germany

German artist Carsten Recksik has curated an exhibition for BACKLIT Gallery in Nottingham, presenting four emerging artists from his country. The artists included are Boris Dornbusch, Marie von Heyl, Florian Meisenberg and Tim Wolff. As the only international curator in residence at the gallery, the theme of the exhibition is the consumption of images in modern society and their significance in everyday life.

Running 12 July until 2 August, the artist and curator is concerned with the effects of mass media and the internet on modern life. Recksik notes: “it’s an endless stream of production, circulation and recycling that people cannot escape, and that’s what this exhibition is all about.”

Overrun with images online, modern day artists have to navigate through the mass of information available at the click of a finger. Many artists use their online findings as inspiration and as part of their work. This exhibition examines whether these images are actually a representation of reality or whether they influence perceptions of what is real.

Carsten Recksik studied art and public space at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremburg until 2003 and sculpturing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich until 2006. He has been involved in a range of art projects as a curator, including work with the German Embassy in London as part of the 2010 Frieze Fair and the ICA in London. He comes to BACKLIT Gallery to exhibit the work of new emerging artists.

Carsten’s exhibition runs from 12 July until 2 August, BACKLIT, Alfred House, Ashley Street, Nottingham, NG3 1JG.

1. Boris Dornbusch, Fragile Visions, courtesy of BACKLIT.