Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light

Sarah Hermanson Meister
Thames & Hudson

Bill Brandt is considered to be one of the founding figures of modernist traditions. His visual explorations of the society, landscape and literature of England are indispensible to any understanding of photographic history. Sarah Hermanson Meister writes with fresh attention to the chronological developments of his career, including an analysis of the dramatic evolution of his printing techniques.

This text is the first full-scale examination of Brandt’s incredible oeuvre. The book bridges education and entertainment, as a coherent trajectory across his multifaceted career is traced. With 162 rich duotone reproductions made from the artist’s vintage prints, this collection presents Brandt’s work in all of its splendour and nostalgic power.

Shadow and Light offers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the production process, which was critical to the ultimate impact of Brandt’s extraordinary work. This book demonstrates how Brandt’s techniques and printing styles changed radically throughout his career, enabled by his determination to experiment.

Fiona Martin