Mind Bokeh

In photography, “bokeh” is the blur created in the out-of-focus part of a photograph and in Japanese the term “boke” also refers to a mental haze. Mind Bokeh is the audio equivalent of “bokeh”; an album of hazy layering and delicate nostalgia that encourages soft focus and dispersion of thought. The album’s artwork reflects these intentions and illustrates “bokeh”, a cluster of colourful lights rendered into the polygonal shapes of an aperture.

Mind Bokeh is Bibio’s most accomplished album to date, blending a soulful and vivid assortment of tracks and creating a dappled, uplifting arrangement that teases the senses and conjures up sunblind days of summer. Bibio, aka Stephen Wilkinson, is influenced by a wide variety of musical styles and artists and this album of colourful pop is underscored by diversity; layered and evocative, it’s reminiscent of Boards of Canada’s dreamy analogue style, a band also signed with Warp.

The whole album has a vintage, grainy sense to it, with elements of the hurdy gurdy and sun-filled funfairs half-remembered. A beautifully bright collection.

Bryony Byrne