Beyond the Surface

Based in New York, Ward Roberts draws upon the effects of loneliness and isolation in today’s world. With a sophisticated and subtle methodology, Roberts drenches landscapes in a softened colour palette, transforming fine art photography with a clean and painterly aesthetic.

His Flotsam series builds upon the experience of repetition, acclimatisation and reverie. At first glance, the images depict solitary figures on a beach expanse with a nondescript version of suburbia in the background. But on closer inspection, minute and unsettling details rise to the surface.

Construction and gentrification riddle the compositions with snake-like tubes; sea gulls hover over-head like vultures; a parachute hangs from the sky. Roberts creates associations and questions the familiarity of our world – inviting viewers in to see beyond the surface.

IG: @ward.roberts

1. All images from the Flotsam series (2014-2017). Courtesy of Ward Roberts.