Astrid Kruse Jensen

Opposites Attract

Contrasts often produce stark photographic compositions: black and white, dark and light, and small details within a huge landscape. Danish artist Astrid Kruse Jensen (b. 1975) builds her entire portfolio on dynamic oppositions; girls in dazzling red chase across black backdrops and glowing light highlights shadowed silhouettes. This concern with uniting spaces is also evident in the titles of Kruse Jensen’s collections, including Disappearing into the Past, Hypernatural and Parallel Landscapes. Her practice explores the technological capabilities of digital photography while continuing to access a poetic imagery that is one step away from reality. Asking hundreds of questions about the settings and protagonists captured in her frames, the shots are full of intrigue and mystery. This series of photographs is taken from Kruse Jensen’s The Construction of Memories and Imaginary Realities, courtesy of the artist and the Martin Asbæk Gallery, Denmark.