Ashley Bickerton, Art Stage Singapore, Gajah Gallery, Singapore

Bali-based American artist, Ashley Bickerton returns to Singapore after his successful show Junk Anthropologies, with new stitched-canvas works which appertain to his signature philosophical funk style. These remarkable works are decked with bold colours, and are largely inspired by his wife. Bickerton has garnered much attention for his depiction of females in the nude and here he emulates a skill for portraying feminine beauty, completing his narratives by incorporating typography and objects as well as ostensibly creating frames with a variant of materials to complement his paintings.

Bickerton was part of the Neo-conceptual (or Neo-Geo) art movement in the 1980s, becoming part of the ‘Fantastic Four’, alongside artists Meyer Vaisman, Jeff Koons and Peter Halley. For the last 20 years, Bickerton has been residing in Bali, an environment that has influenced his art making in colour, form and style, and has enabled him to investigate new ideas of culture and beauty. Over the last two years, he has been working closely with the Yogyakarta Art Lab (YAL) in Indonesia to produce life-sized aluminium sculptures; something to keep a look out for.

In addition to Bickerton’s work, for it’s 5th consecutive inclusion in Art Stage Singapore, Gajah Gallery will also be presenting exciting works by renowned Southeast Asian artists such as Chua Ek Kay, Teng Nee Cheong, Suzann Victor and Jason Lim from Singapore, established Indonesian artists Yunizar, Ugo Untoro and Yusra Martunus, prominent Malaysian artist Ahmad Zakii Anwar as well as widely sought-after Chinese ink artist Li Jin.

Ashley Bickerton, Art Stage Singapore, 22 – 25 Jan 2015, Gajah Gallery, 140 Hill Street, Singapore 179369.

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1. Ashley Bickerton, Arcanery Chicanery Chicanery Sophistry C2A (2014). Courtesy of Gajah Gallery.