Commemorating British Legacy

This August Artichoke marks the Great Fire of London in commemoration with a range of spectacular art installations, performances and talk that give unique perspectives on a significant moment within the country’s history and legacy. Based across a variety of notable landmark locations across the city, audiences are pushed to rediscover the historical event in terms of its impact on architecture and outlook.

Works include an underwater performance artwork at Broadgate, a domino-like sculpture snaking around the capital with multiple paths of figure and a riverside finale on the closing night.

Three new landmark locations have also been confirmed for the event, including St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern and National. Public artist Martin Firrell plans to light up the dome of St Paul’s with a fiery projection that depicts the destruction of the cathedral and the devastation of the structure caused. The artwork ends in the consequential re-build of the iconic building.

Across the Thames, text and flames are projected onto the iconic Flytower of the National Theatre, telling tales of resurgence and the inevitable change which has come to the city ­– some from the firre itself and some from the development of urban renewal and regeneration – into the diverse and sprawling metropolis that stands today.

Outside the world-renowned London art gallery, the Tate Modern, French fire alchemists Compagnie Carabosse bring Fire Garden that hopes to re-write the elemental nature of riverside area in front of the gallery into a crackling, spitting adventure cloaked by nightfall.

Great Fire 350: London’s Burning runs from 30 August – 4 September. 

Find out more about the event: #Londonsburning @GreatFire350