Artangel Open

Since its launch in 1999, the Artangel initiative, Open, has sought to commission outstanding works of art by artists working and living in the UK. In partnership with BBC Radio 4, Artangel Open showcases work across multiple locations and forms of media, including film, sculpture, sound installation and much more.

Previous years’ commissions have produced exceptional and innovative projects exhibiting the work of artists such as Alan Kane, Roger Hiorns and Turner Prize winning Jeremy Deller. One of the many highlights of previous selections is Michael Landy’s Break Down in which the artist made an inventory of everything he owned, to then systematically destroy all of his possessions, leaving only shredded and granulated material.

This year’s panel, made up of the Artangel Co-Directors James Lingwood and Michael Morris, Radio 4’s Arts Commissioning Editor Tony Phillips and previous Open artists Clio Barnard and Roger Hiorns, are searching for exciting proposals from writers, composers, producers and all other artistic fields. The panel are actively encouraging submissions from those working in the digital space, as Artangel Open wishes to explore this pioneering form within the public space.

Two artists have already been chosen from the first round of 1500 applications. Katrina Palmer’s ambitious project will excavate an unrevealed space in England through writing and installation, while Ben Rivers’ films and installations will explore subjects on the margins of society through lyrical narratives that interrogate the fine line between documentary and fiction. £1 million has been set aside to fund this year’s selections.

For more information and how to apply visit:

1. Battle of Orgreave, Jeremy-Deller, 2001. An Artangel commission. Production photograph by Martin Jenkinson.