ART Santa Fe, 9-12 July

The city of Santa Fe welcomes artists from around the world for its annual celebration of contemporary art and culture, this year marking the 15th anniversary of this renowned festival. From 9-12 July ART Santa Fe will welcome artists and galleries from around the globe who, after being carefully selected, will display work at various venues around the city. Highlights include a kinetic sculpture installation from Cuba; showing the award winning film Alumbrones that documents the challenges, struggles and vibrancy artists in Cuba face.

There will also be a keynote address by Don Bacigalupi, former President of the Crystal Bridges of American Art established by Alice Walton and now the Founding President of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, George Lucas’ museum planned for Chicago. A major draw for the exhibitors at the festival is the opportunity to experience Santa Fe, The City Different, and to participate in its creative and extensive art market.

This year’s fair will present a number of international exhibitors including ones hailing from Japan, South Africa, Chile and Korea as well as the aformentioned Cuba. The festival will continue the tradition of an opening night Vernissage gala, and once again it is the cornerstone of the Santa Fe Art Trifecta, ten days of three major art events. The International Folk Art Market and SITE Santa Fe round up this triumvirate. ART Santa Fe is set in one of the most cultural and creative cities in the world with stunning, historical architecture and a thriving contemporary art scene. The intimate scale combined with the artistic attitude of the area, ART Santa Fe visitors enjoy the benefits of a truly personal connection with exciting and inspiring contemporary art.

Indeed it has been said that one could travel the world and still not come into contact with the breadth of art that is presented during a single weekend in Santa Fe. The city itself has a long and comfortable relationship with culture; it is home to the prestigious Santa Fe University of Art and Design, is one of UNESCO’s Creative Cities and lays claim to the second largest art market in the nation. The time of the festival is the time to visit Santa Fe; when its 240 galleries, 13 museum, hundreds of shops and more than 450 restaurants are at their most welcoming. Collectors, art lovers, and curious visitors are welcome to join in the festivities, the stimulation and the memories that the 15th Annual ART Santa Fe promises.

ART Santa Fe, 9-12 July, Santa Fe Convention Centre, United States.

1. Takashi Inaba Puzzle Project Osaka.