Art & Queer Culture

Catherine Lord and Richard Meyer

In this first book to be published on criticism and theory regarding queer culture, Phaidon has certainly set the bar high. Richard Meyer states in the preface: “We have chosen the term ‘queer’ in the knowledge that no single word can accommodate the sheer expanse of cultural practices that oppose normative heterosexuality.” The stage has been set for this text, so the next question is, where to begin?

Split into two sections, Inverted Histories: 1885 – 1979 by Richard Meyer and Inside the Body Politic: 1980 – present by Catherine Lord, this title offers an expansive survey looking at works from three centuries. In this mammoth task of examining identity politics, the authors have created an extensive and in-depth overview of 250 artists’ works, with only one work reproduced per artist.

Both authors have distinct voices, however these perspectives offer a well-rounded approach to understanding, debating with and reading this volume. As a significant resource for art history, this book provides a well-needed platform for discussion and enquiry.

Shirley Stevenson