Art Kaohsiung 2015

Art Kaohsiung 2015

Art Kaohsiung, now in its third year, will open in the Southern port city of Taiwan on 11 December. Established in 2013 with 62 exhibitors, the art fair has grown to cater for around 110 exhibitors with 700 participating artists from across the world this year. Art Kaohsiung showcases work in five sectors, Contemporary Art, Modern and Contemporary, Kaohsiung Emerging Arts, Curatorial Projects and Kaohsiung Art Forum, at City Suites Kaohsiung and the Pier-2 Art Centre. To keep up with the development of the fair, City Suites has expanded to 60 exhibition rooms and the Pier-2 Arts Centre has grown from two to four warehouses.

A platform for southeast and east Asian art, Art Kaohsiung welcomes notable galleries from across the region such as the Whitestone Gallery, Clear Edition & Gallery and B Gallery from Japan; Keumsan Gallery from Korea and Artemis Art from Malaysia, along with various galleries and art centres from Taipei, Kaohsiung and Pintung in Taiwan. In addition to Asia, Art Kaohsiung has also partnered with ART.FAIR from Cologne in Germany.

This year the Kaohsiung Art Forum focuses predominantly on Malaysia and Japan, with cooperation with the latter seeing contemporary Japanese abstract art featuring strongly at the fair. Japanese art critics and artists have also been invited to speak at the event and Chairman of the Federation of Asian Artists Malaysia Committee, Dr Choong Kam Kow, will discuss the shifts and evolution of contemporary Malaysian art.

Art Kaohsiung caters for a wide range of participants, from emerging artists to curators with its variety of sectors and is certainly one of the leading art fairs in the region.

Art Kaohsiung, 11 – 13 December, City Suites-Kaohsiung, No.1, Dayi Street and the Pier-2 Art Centre, No.1, Dayong Road, Yancehng Dist, Kaohsiung 803, Taiwan.

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1. Fusako Ekuni, Into the Light, 2011. Courtesy of Galerie Bruno Massa, France and Art Kaohsiung.