Art Basel Key of Aurora Street Performance

Referred to as the “Olympics of the art world”, Art Basel returns to the Swiss city for its 44th year. With additional events in Miami and Hong Kong, Basel is where it all began for what is arguably the most important art fair organisation in the world. Originally founded by gallerists back in 1970, Art Basel has been a key player in supporting the role that galleries play in the nurturing of artists, and the development and promotion of visual arts. For the 2014 festivities, Key of Aurora has prepared a special selection of street performance entitled Art+.

Key of Aurora is an online platform that brings together the beautiful products from extraordinary artisans, designers and manufacturers. Since 2013, the company has curated a wonderful selection of goods, offering the very best in creative and imaginative items. In addition, each one can be specially personalised and made for customers according to their wishes. For Art Basel, the site has teamed up with five international artists to combine innovative creation with street performance.

Rejecting the system of mass-production prevalent in the world today, Key of Aurora invites audiences to bring their everyday objects to the performance to be transformed into works of art by the selected artists. Whether it’s a dusty old handbag, a frumpy table lamp or a set of crisp white bed linen that is need of a revamp, guests can expect to see their belongings transformed into a new and unique item. Over three evenings in Basel between 4 – 8pm, urban artists and illustrators from Spain, Japan, Belgium and Switzerland will be on hand to recreate goods.

The artist involved include Mio Matsumoto, Ona Sadkowsky, Samora Bazzarabusa, Kid Vanilla and Zosen y Mina. Zosen and Mina Hamada, behind Zosen y Mina, are visual artists based in Barcelona. No matter the materials they use, from used plastic bottles to old car wheels or even rubbish, Zosen and Mina take ideas from everything they see, making every painting they create come alive through colour. Ona Sadkowsky was born in Zurich and her distinctive drawing style is popular within the Swiss street art scene, despite be a relative newcomer. All of the artists involved in Art+ have a visually captivating style and are sure to make an impression on art lovers in Basel.

Art+ by Key of Aurora runs 17-19 June and will be held in public but the exact location is still top secret. Find out more at

1. Image courtesy of Zosen y Mina.