Arik Levy, Uncontrolled Nature, Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Sardinia

The Louise Alexander Gallery in Sardinia presents Arik Levy’s first solo show at the gallery. Uncontrolled Nature features a collection of new work in combination with older pieces and Levy showcases a wide range of sculptures that exist like a trail of landmarks alongside paintings and other artworks. Shown for the first time are RockTripleShift and RockTripleFusion Vertical, his ambitious new pieces displaying contrast between fusion and separation – a representation of both the horizontal and the vertical.

These rock sculptures also reference Levy’s most recent installation at the Atominium in Brussels, which features, amongst others, a monumental RockGrowth in colour and mirror with polished stainless steel ends. The selection of works past and present demonstrate the evolution of Levy’s work, showing his never-ending process and his involvement in every day life experiences.

An artist for 15 years, Levy is a multi-talented designer and artist, with an interest in exploring the relationship between humans, social codes, nature, emotion and science – each a constant interpretation of the links, tension and content that exist in the complexities of daily life. His other work includes hi-tech clothing lines, set design, furniture and light designs, photography and film. Art and industrial design are his two first loves and he is best known publicly for his signature Rock sculptures, installed across the world.

Arik Levy, Uncontrolled Nature, until 29 August, Louise Alexander Gallery, Via del Porto Vecchio 1, 07021, Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy,

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1. Rockgrowth (2010) by Arik Levy. Courtesy of Louise Alexander Gallery