Analogue NOW! Photography Festival, Berlin

Analogue NOW! returns to Berlin for its second year, from 6 – 14 May, offering a broad range of events. Both amateurs and professional photographers showcase their work, created using various analogue techniques, around the theme of manipulation. A main exhibition, MANIPULATION, displays works which include experiments with light, cameras and darkrooms. Playing with different techniques, the artists show through their works how they discover new and alternative realities.

A comprehensive view of contemporary analogue photography works and a variety of experimental techniques feature: fluid photo-emulsion and roll film, featuring artists like Katharina Ira | Melanie King | georgia Krawiec | Ute Lindner | Harald Mairböck | Jose Romussi | René Schäffer | Akiyasu Shimizu | Paul Stephani | Regina Stiegeler | Dunkelstrom. The workshops target photographers at any stage of their career, offering tutorials on emulsion lift (polaroid), experiments with emulsion on photographic paper and a photogram workshop, among other techniques.

Scientists, industry representatives and artists come together in a panel to discuss the cultural and visual developments of photography in the past 20 years and the authenticity of analogue photography. Designed to generate new collaborations between practitioners and photo-related organisations on an international level, the purpose of the event is to create a global platform.

Analogue NOW!, May 6 – 14,  Berlin, Lichtenberg area.

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1. Georg Baur, Karibuni. Courtesy of Analogue Now and Artconnect Berlin.