This Is All Yours
Infectious Music

Two years after the success of debut album An Awesome Wave, Alt-J returns with its second offering. With a Mercury Award-winning record as its elder brother, it was easy to imagine the follow-up album in its shadow. However, This Is All Yours is astounding and lives up to the brilliance of the 2012 release.

The band resurrects its distinctive vocals and atmospheric percussion with the addition of some new elements. Female vocals find their way onto Hunger Of The Pine and Warm Foothills, while Left Hand Free is a bold dance floor classic. The whole album is a journey carrying listeners from the gentle piano notes of Arrival in Nara through to the computerised beats on Leaving Nara.

This Is All Yours is quite simply Alt-J showing off. It is a presentation of the band’s abilities in seamlessly blending unique sounds, not afraid of utilising some old fashioned recorder in Garden of England or switching vocalists sporadically on Warm Foothills. Each track is a unique experience, cementing Alt-J as an integral part of the British music scene.

Hannah Clugston