Aesthetica Art Prize Shortlist: Media Fragmentation

Working in front of and behind the camera, shortlisted artist Electra Lyhne-Gold is influenced by the visual power of cinema, providing reimagined narratives collaged together from mainstream media. By staging herself within fictional trajectories, the practitioner engages with multiple personae, breaking down established, heavily manipulated filmic codes to create surreal works.

Lost In Translation, the featured piece, questions the wider impact of advertising and information networks by fragmenting the language of publicity. Echoing the experience of flicking through television channels, Lyhne-Gold inhabits each voice, offering viewers a distorted, reinvented depiction of the everyday which discusses the social, economic and personal impact of commercial rhetoric.

The piece ties in to the wider themes of this year’s Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition, which examines the effects of over-consumption and media stimulation. Calling into question contemporary methods of communication, the collection offers reflection upon the era of post-truth, holding a mirror up to a digital world increasingly shaped by surveillance and data collection.

The exhibition runs at York Art Gallery from 18 May. Find out more here.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is open for entries until 31 August.

1. Electra Lyhne-Gold is Lost In Translation, 2017.