Aesthetica Art Prize 2016: Shortlisted Artist James Winter, Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture

Aesthetica Art Prize 2016: Shortlisted Artist James Winter, Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture

Shortlisted in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016, London-based artist James Winter created a site-specific installation for this year’s exhibition at York St Mary’s. Composed of precision-cut moisture resistant MDF, fluorescent tubes and multiple found objects, Usurp (Spatial Light Constructs 003) interrupts the gallery space whilst working with and becoming dependent on its spatial surroundings. In his artist’s statement, Winter discusses the concepts behind his Spatial Light Constructs series:

“The structures and systems that make up the man-made environment not only facilitate exploration of geometric form, an integral component to the fabric of any urban landscape, but also initiate investigation into the complexities that encompass societal structures, and thus the networks and systems that are intrinsic to man’s development. Geometric form dictates the construction of every living organism on both a micro and macro level and therefore becomes a useful tool to begin the process of deciphering how the physical three-dimensional world operates. The modular potential of the Spatial Light Constructs allows these works to take on a parasitic nature, feeding upon their architectural hosts, forming a symbiotic relationship while aiming to communicate the paradoxical effect of urban alienation and vibrancy. It is my intention for the architectonic installation to have a dual purpose, acting as a catalyst for a wider sociopolitical discussion, as well as being a platform for examining aesthetics, space, light and form.”

Winter’s work was selected in the Three Dimensional Design and Sculpture category, and can be viewed at the Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition until 29 May, Wed-Sun 12-4pm, York St Mary’s, Coppergate, York, YO1 9RN.

The artist will join a panel of finalists, which includes Liz West and Rachel Ara, on Thursday 26 May for Taking the Risk: Acclimatising Audiences to New Practices as part of Aesthetica’s Future Now symposium. In this panel, attendees will hear directly from the practitioners about what it means to be working in today’s contemporary art landscape.

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1. James Winter, Usurp (Spatial Light Constructs 003), 2016. Photo courtesy of Jim Poyner.