Aesthetica Art Prize 2014 People’s Choice Award Winner: Sybille Neumeyer

Votes have been counted for the Aesthetica Art Prize People’s Choice Award, and we are delighted to announce that Sybille Neumeyer is the winner. Visitors voted for their favourite artwork in the group show between 4 April and 22 June, which presented the finalists from the Aesthetica Art Prize along with a further 92 artworks from the longlist displayed on monitors within the gallery.

Artists who exhibited and were nominees for the People’s Choice Award were: Sybille Neumeyer, Harriet Lewars, Amedeo Abello & Federico Morando, Deb Covell, Elke Finkenauer, Inés Molina Navea, Ingrid Hu and Julia Weißenberg.

Winning artist Sybille Neumeyer’s work Song for the Last Queen refers to the endangerment of bees, a species with a vital role in maintaining our ecosystem. Working with beekeepers in the USA, Japan and Germany, Neumeyer researched the current problem of dying bee colonies. She collected honeycomb, wax and dead bees from a collapsed beehive – examining each both as an indicator of fact and as a significant and extraordinary material.

Neumeyer says: “Creating a muted preparation of a perished bee colony in honey, I ask questions about scientific practices, future perspectives and our responsibility to our environment. I am a travelling artist and designer, whose work investigates the relation between humans and nature as I address phenomena found in science, culture and the natural world. During my travels, I aim to understand global structures as well local peculiarities. Small details attract me and become a starting point for experiments and observations.”

Neumeyer’s winning piece and the top 100 artists from the Aesthetica Art Prize are published along with artists’ statements and industry-written articles in the Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology. Pick up a copy here:

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The Aesthetica Art Prize is open for entries. Prizes include up to £5,000, group exhibition, publication in an anthology of top 100 emerging artists and editorial coverage in Aesthetica Magazine. Entries close 31 August 2014. For more information and to submit visit

The Prize Draw Winner has been directly on 1 July. The prizes include a meal for two at Le Cochon Aveugle, cinema tickets for Reel York Cinema and champagne cocktails at 1331.

1. Sybille Neumeyer with her piece Song for the Last Queen. Courtesy of Jim Poyner.

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