Abstract Impressionism and the Flower Power Art Collection- The Work of Sirenes

Sirenes is a Norway-based artist who, in 2011, had her first solo exhibition in Oslo. Now four years on, she has exhibited around the world and in various publications. She has always been fascinated by colours and draws inspiration from flowers, clothes and cosmetics to form the basis of her colour combinations. She is inspired to paint through silence and peace and expresses her inner feelings in her my work. She paints directly onto the canvas, always barefoot, often through finger-painting to make each painting absolutely unique.

A:Tell me more about the artwork included in the magazine and your inspiration for the piece.
S: The artwork – You are Enough – is part of my latest art project: The Flower Power Art Collection – which is still on going.. I makes these paintings in total silence for several hours over days and weeks. With each painted dot expresses directly to each individual person that You are Enough – giving people strength to believe in themselves. Many of the painting dots are made by my finger- tips, and i always paint barefoot.

A:Your work is non-linear and follows an abstract path, what are your influences for the Flower Power series?
S: I have always loved flowers since my mother worked in a flower store. I enjoys both The Magic colors and the beauty of flowers. I love being in nature watching flowers spring out and create beautiful scenery. Especially Claude Monet’s fantastic flower and garden artwork, which has inspired me to paint powerful flower paintings in all different colors that are in my imagination.

A: Your work comes from the spiritual side of your life by performing yoga, through meditation and by being in nature, how important is this to you?
S: Performing daily yoga and meditation brings balance and peace in my life. It enables me to dip into the eternal soul and get in touch with all the creativity there is in the universe. In front of the canvas I get inspired to pick the right colors and which different techniques to be used, whether it is brushes, pencils, brooms, trowel, the back of a stick or by using my fingers. This way each painting becomes unique and communicates directly from my soul to the soul of the viewers.

A:Your work has been presented in Art Magazines, Art Books, News Papers, Interior & Fashion magazines all over the world, what do you feel has been your greatest achievement?
S: I am quite overwhelmed and both humbled and honoured by all the requests I receives on a weekly basis for participation in all kinds of Art Magazines and books, interior or fashion or even lately in luxury magazines. In the beginning it was fantastic being presented in Art Magazines and Books among other great artists. Lately several Interior & Fashion magazines, especially in UK and London particularly have embraced my artwork. It was almost unbelievable to be asked to present my in Vogue UK December issue 2014 and now more luxury magazines are calling… But then it has been the overwhelming art critiques that my artwork has received both in New York and Italy which feels like the greatest of my achievements.

A: Your work has been exhibited in Italy, Spain, Norway, Canada and New York what plans do you have for 2015?
S: The last three years since my first exhibition in Oslo, Norway my work has brought me to Beijing and Shanghai in the east to New York and Toronto in the west. 2015 starts already in January with a three month exhibition at Art Fushion Gallery in Miami and then there is already booked, a three month Art Expo exhibition in Milano, Italy during the Universal Expo 2015 from July to September 2015. But since I am represented and in demand by several galleries both in Europe and US, there are more exhibitions to come I feel.

Sirenes fine art Gallery can be found online www.sirenes.no To see her work in Aesthetica Magazine, pick up a copy of issue 62 available here: www.aestheticamagazine.com/shop


1. Butterfly– Courtesy of the artist
2. Hidden Face– Courtesy of the artist

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